Le covid-19 ou La covid-19

Covid est l’acronyme de corona virus disease, et les sigles et acronymes ont le genre du nom qui constitue le noyau du syntagme dont ils sont une abréviation. On dit ainsi la S.N.C.F. (Société nationale des chemins de fer français) parce que le noyau de ce groupe, société, est un nom féminin, mais le C.I.O. (Comité international olympique), parce que le noyau, comité, est un nom masculin. Quand ce syntagme est composé de mots étrangers, le même principe s’applique…

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Interestingly, our brain is very good at isolating instruments. Just focus on one of the instrument of a track (say the lead vocal for instance) and you will be able to hear it quite distinctively from the others… The challenge is thus to approximate them the best we can, that is to say as close as possible to the originals without creating too much distortions…

After years, a lot of strategies have been explored, by dozens of brilliant research teams from all over the world… Listen to some examples here

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Mieux connaître les Neurones

Schéma complet d’un neurone.


Le nombre total de neurones du cerveau humain est estimé de 86 à 100 milliards (1011).

Un neurone, ou une cellule nerveuse, est une cellule excitable constituant l’unité fonctionnelle de la base du système nerveux.

Les neurones assurent la transmission d’un signal bioélectrique appelé influx nerveux. Ils ont deux propriétés physiologiques : l’excitabilité, c’est-à-dire la capacité de répondre aux stimulations et de convertir celles-ci en impulsions nerveuses, et la conductivité, c’est-à-dire la capacité de transmettre les impulsions.

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Translation has long been a research focus for Facebook

With hundreds of languages used by people on our platforms and thousands more spoken around the world, developing powerful and flexible machine translation systems has long been a research focus for Facebook. Today, Facebook AI models achieved first place in several language tasks included in this year’s annual news translation competition, hosted by the Fourth Conference on Machine Translation (also known as WMT)…

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The First Electric Passenger Planes Could Be 50-Year-Old Canadian Seaplanes

The first battery-electric passenger planes in commercial service may turn out to be Canadian turboprops that date back to the 1950s and 1960s.

MagniX, a Redmond, Wash.-based company developing electric aircraft engines, has struck a deal with Harbour Air to be MagniX’s launch customer, aiming to convert the Vancouver-based airline’s 42 seaplanes into an all-electric fleet, the companies announced Tuesday.

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“À date”    au sens de    “À ce jour”   ou   “pour l’instant”

Les mots à date se rencontrent dans des groupes nominaux comme à date fixe, à date régulière, à date ancienne, etc., et ces emplois sont réguliers ; mais il faut bien se garder de faire d’à date une locution adverbiale à laquelle on donnerait le sens de « pour l’instant » ou d’« à ce jour ».
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Live Feed Shows SpaceX “Starman” Traveling Through Space in a Tesla

Elon Musk’s aerospace company, SpaceX, successfully conducted a test launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket on February 6. There were only two things aboard the payload of this historic launch: Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster and “Starman”, a dummy in a SpaceX spacesuit.

Roughly an hour after the launch was confirmed successful, Musk tweeted a link to a live feed of Starman’s journey through space.
Enter the Elon Musk Gear Giveaway.

There appears to be multiple cameras mounted onto the Falcon Heavy payload. The stream cycles through the different shots giving onlookers a view of the front, the left, and the inside of the vehicle.

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